Sponsorship Opportunities

Our sponsorship packages offer businesses, clubs, and individuals an opportunity to gain exposure as outstanding members and supporters of our community. We have developed a set of sponsorships for all budgets and commitment levels. Please consider sponsorship at one of the below levels, or call to see if we can create a specialized sponsorship opportunity for you:

  • Tee/Hole Sponsor -$200.
  • Raffle Drawing Sponsor- $300.
  • Putting Contest Sponsor - $300
  • Corporate Sponsor - $1,000
  • Call Steve Shumway for more opportunities: 360-239-3322

Exclusive Presenting Sponsor - Sold Out - 1 Team Included

Exclusive Presenting Sponsor is the headliner sponsor for the Tournament.  Plus, you will have free registration for your team of golfers.  You will also have: 

  • Opportunity to address the crowd
  • Recognition at the event, 
  • Place stuffers in the golfer goodie bags
  • prominent logo on the Golf Banner 
  • Logo on all print, radio, golf website and social media advertising.
CLOSED/Registration Closed Manually
Corporate Sponsor - Sold Out - 1 Team Included
CLOSED/Registration Closed Manually
Lunch and Beverage Sponsors
Note Only 2 available.
Golf Towel Sponsor (cash plus cost of towels) - Sold Out

Everyone needs a new golf towel to sport at the course!  Be the sponsor and you can design your towel as you wish to give to each of our golfers! 

  • Sponsor to provide a minimum of 144 golf towels by April 30, 2023.
  • Opportunity to hand out towels to registrants on golf day.
  • Recognition on all social media, print and radio.
  • Website sponsor recognition. 
Raffle Drawing Sponsor - Sold Out
Putting Contest Sponsor (Women's) - Sold Out
Putting Contest Sponsor (Men's) - Sold Out

There's nothing better than grown men and women trying to get putt to the hole.  Most of our golfers try to putt to the "green" cash winning.  Sponsorship offers: 

  • Your Company Name on a Sign at the Putting Green
  • Opportunity to add something to the player bags
  • Opportunity to be a judge at the hole
  • Logo on the Sponsor Page & social media 


Beverage Cart Sponsor - Sold Out

Beverage Cart sponsor  is a great opportunity to be in front 144 golfers!  .  

  • Opportunity for banner/sign on the beverage cart
  • Opportunity to ride along on the cart
  • Recognition on print, radio or social media advertising
  • Logo on golf website. 
  • Place a stuffer in the golfers goodie bags! 
Longest Drive Sponsor (Men's) - Sold Out
Longest Drive Sponsor (Women's) - Sold Out

The longest Drive happens on Tee #12.  One is awarded to the Woman with the longest Drive and one is awarded to the Man with longest Drive.  

  • Business name on the Tee/Hole #12
  • Recognition on golf website, social media, other media
  • Opportunity to award the prizes to the winners on Tournament Day.
Hole in One - Sold Out

There is nothing like a Hole In One!  Celebrate this once in a lifetime opportunity and sponsor on of the four Par 3 holes.  

  • Business name on the sign at the Hole/Tee
  • Opportunity to put stuffers in the player goodie bags
  • Recognition from emcee at the event
  • Logo recognition on social media and golf website
Tee and Hole Sponsors
Note Only 1 available.
  • Your Sponsor sign at one golf hole
  • Company name and logo to appear on the tournament website